Marcello Carrà


Marcello Carrà is born in Ferrara in 1976. He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Ferrara. He is an artist specialized in drawing with Bic pen in great dimensions (some as long as 8 metres): he surprises with his extraordinary ability of drawing, which is matched with a strong conceptual aspect imprinted on the transience of life, the absolute proximity of death, on fragility and beauty of this existence, which is also evident in the plaques that accompany the works. All of his works are realized by freehand, using solely a grid. He initially focused on the theme of insects and their ephemeral, and at the same time fascinating, existence. Hereafter, always using the pen technique, created another series of drawings with the theme of transience of existence of sows and pigs, then, thanks to the collaboration with a marine biologist from New Caledonia, a series of works that reflect on the dangers that human activity is driving in the tropical marine life. Recently, Carrà revisited several masterpieces by great artists in history: From Brueghel, reinterpreted in the light of the earthquake in 2012; to Zurbaran and Bosch, with his metaphorical reflections on the moral crisis of our age.
He exhibited in the Gallery Antonio Nardone in Brussels, at the Biennale di Venezia, at ArteFiera in Bologna, at MLB home gallery, Museo di Storia Naturale, Museo Casa Ludovico Ariosto in Ferrara, Broni in Bologna and Villa Nuova Italia in Milan.

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Marcello Carrà (Ferrara, 1976).
He lives and works in Ferrara.

solo exhibitions
Ricettario visionario, curated by Eva Beccati, MLB Home Gallery, Ferrara
Le metamorfosi dell’Agnus Dei. Zurbarán, curated by Chiara Zocchi, MLB Home Gallery, Ferrara
Nè carne nè pesce, curated by Marcello Fois, MLB Home Gallery, Ferrara
Ritratti di un fragile zoo, White Gallery, Milan
Weekproject, Galleria Antonio Nardone, Brussels
Insetti. Vite fragili sulla punta di una biro, curated by Maria Livia Brunelli, Museo di Storia Naturale, Ferrara
Insetti. Vite fragili sulla punta di una biro, curated by Maria Livia Brunelli, Museo Casa Ludovico Ariosto
Insetti. Vite fragili sulla punta di una biro, curated by Maria Livia Brunelli, Villa Nuova Italia, Broni, Bologna
Vieni a vedere la mia collezione di farfalle? Galleria Oltredimore, Bologna

group exhibitions
EXPO, Padiglione Emilia Romagna, Milan
Selvatica. Animali XXL, Museo del Territorio Biellese, Biella
54° Biennale di Venezia, Venice
Tassidermie Vitali, curated by Maria Livia Brunelli, MLB Home Gallery, Ferrara

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