Atlas Italiae: tabula ferrarense

Silvia Camporesi

Silvia Camporesi

a cura di Maria Livia Brunelli


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Silvia Camporesi has explored over a year and a half all the Italian regions in research of abandoned countries and buildings. "Atlas Italiae" is the result of this collection of images, an ideal map of Italy that is disappear, an atlas of fading. The artist lets us discover hidden and often unveiled corners, magical places in their peeling marks, they are pervaded by impalpable energies. The photographic series presents itself as a poetic collection of places (uninhabited villages, crumbling architectures, industrial archeology) founded on the search for fragments of memory. This mapping has no intent to report, but ideally incorporates the spirit of the Grand Tour, the search for past sign, still bearers of traces of lives experienced, with which to confront to reflect on the present in order to imagine the future. Once the artists went to discover the Roman ruins, today Silvia Camporesi searches for the contemporary ruins to observe the passing of time.
On the occasion of the MLB exhibition Maria Livia Brunelli, the home gallery in front of the Estense Castle, the artist decided to deepen his exploration of the territory of Ferrara in the footsteps of the fascinating places described by Giorgio Bassani. Bassani is a writer born in Ferrara and from there he became internationally famous thanks to "Il Giardino dei Finzi Contini". A spiritual assonance links the writer to the photographer from Forlì, because the Camporesi develops and continues the exhortation of Bassani to honor and respect the vestiges of the Italian past, which was the basis of his activity in "Italia Nostra", trace that, according to Camporesi, are not limited to the past of the Renaissance but are also those of the most recent history that, observed with greater attention, are not less worthy of respect and full of charm.
In fact, part of the photos that make up the installation exposed to the MLB was taken in Ferrara on the wave of the evocations of the gardens and views described by Bassani in his books. the grandiose installation on the central wall of the gallery are all photographs printed in black and white and then meticulously hand-colored by the artist, to give a conceptual resemblance to places and stories that have lost color, but which Silvia Camporesi has decided to bring back in light and memory.

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